How to Use Learning Vitamins. . .

Using Learning Vitamins is simple! The most important thing is to use them every day. Here’s the basic idea: Have your student repeat a given drill once each day until he is able to complete it correctly within that drill’s suggested time goal. Grading the drills is a snap with the unique QuicKeys® whose answers line up underneath the student’s answers!

When your student passes a given drill, fill in his Achievement Record and promote your student to the next drill! While individual progress may vary, students often need about 10-12 repeats of each drill to pass it. Click on the brief, practical SmartGuide™ included with your CalcuPak for further information and variations you may use.

CalcuPak™ Features

CalcuPaks offer a great way for your students to get their Learning Vitamins. Each CalcuPak is a software program which enables you to print out the drills, QuicKeys, and other materials you need from your computer. CalcuPak 1 includes all the guides, drills, and keys formerly in CalcuLadder books 1, 2, and 3, plus ReadyWriter as a free bonus unit. CalcuPak 2 includes all material from CalcuLadder books 4, 5, and 6, plus AlphaBetter as a free bonus.

CalcuPaks—economical, so convenient!

CalcuPaks allow you to print out drills, keys, records, etc. as you need them. CalcuPaks work on any Windows PC running XP, Vista, or Windows 7, or on a Mac running OSX, version 10.5.7 or higher.

CalcuPaks also include the clever and capable CalcuClock™, which enables you to time up to five students at once, and computes performance scores based on speed and accuracy.

Another nice feature of the CalcuPaks is its contextually integrated Instructor’s Guide. This SmartGuide™ enables you to simply click a button and get specific instructions, help, and background related specifically to the unit or drill Level you are looking at.

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