Character, Competence, and School Made Simple

Our School Made Simple products emphasize character and competence. Character springs from the context of one’s creaturehood, moral condition, stewardship under God, and a right relation to the Lord Jesus Christ. Competence includes both knowledge and know-how: knowledge of what is and what might be done, and the skill to make and do.

Competence without Character...
“I'll re-pave your driveway for just $500!” (The job needs 10 sacks of concrete, but I'll use just 6, plus extra sand and water, and make a bundle.)
“Six weeks from now, when this driveway cracks, I’ll be long gone!”
Character without Competence...
“I'll re-pave your driveway for just $350!” (Six sacks of concrete should be enough to do the job.)
“Whew! It’ll take 10 sacks instead of just six. I won’t make a penny on this job!”

Character provides motivation to attain com­pet­ence and to employ it in a life’s work of eternal value, while com­pet­ence makes possible the expression of character in beautiful, productive ways.

School Made Simple products consist of quick, daily drills which help child­ren bridge the gap between learning what to do and being able to do it well. In other words, our products are “Learning Vitamins®” that help turn knowledge into know-how! Learning Vita­mins also provide a moral frame of reference for the subjects covered, by means of the Bible texts that appear on every exercise. As you draw attention to these texts and explore them with your students, they become powerful character-building tools.

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