for grades 1 and up

CalcuLadder Math Drills...

turn finger-counters
      into number-crunchers!

By far the best new math resource I have seen (and used!) this year... The whole program takes only about five minutes a day, and let me tell you, it really does increase calculation ability and speed!

—Mary Pride

CalcuLadder math drills are famous for ‘turning finger-counters into number crunchers!’ Developed a generation ago by Dr. Edwin Myers, CalcuLadder is the tried and true resource used across the USA and some 60 countries the world over. Today, the Learning Vitamins have been used by over a MILLION students worldwide!

CalcuLadder Features
Graphics that “grow” up the page add to the fun!
Time goals add challenge, build speed!
Clever QuicKeys® make grading a breeze!
A Bible verse at the foot of the page that relates to each drill’s topic!
Achievement Record chronicles student progress!

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The CalcuLadders are a series of six one-year units spanning 16 drills each. Although the units are named CalcuLadder 1 through CalcuLadder 6, any CalcuLadder unit may be used as needed at any grade level along with any math curriculum, or as its own stand-alone curriculum! The CalcuLadder drills are carefully-designed in a sequence covering every area of mathematics skills from First Grade through Pre-Algebra.

How CalcuLadder works... 

Children have so much fun repeating a given drill each day until they can complete it correctly with­in that drill’s suggested time goal! The time goals range from two to five minutes. Most kids can advance one drill level every few days. The most important thing to remember is to use them everyday, for no more than 5 to 10 minutes a day.

The CalcuLadder drills are based on skill level, rather than grade level. We strongly recommend parents start their kids on CalcuLadder drills that are easy for them at first, (somewhat below the current level of math they are doing in their regular curriculum) so they can build up the speed and accuracy they will need for completing more difficult math in their regular math curriculum.

For example, if a child is working in fractions in their regular math curriculum, we recommend parents start them back in multiplication and division in the CalcuLadders. Some parents start their children back in addition and subtraction, and the kids find it so much fun to be able to race and challenge themselves and build confidence in addition and subtraction before going on to multiplication, etc. For kids that are in Algebra in their regular math curriculum already, their parents start them back in CalcuLadder drills with fractions, mixed numbers and decimals, etc.

The CalcuLadders are available in three user-friendly formats:

1. PDF files OR software to print out the drills: CalcuPak 1 software includes CalcuLadder units 1-3 & ReadyWriter and CalcuPak 2 software inducles CalcuLadder units 4-6 & AlphaBetter. Using your CalcuPak software, you can print out CalcuLadder drills, plus QuicKeys, and Achieve­ment Records.

2. Or, you can purchase the pdfs of the CalcuLadder units by themselves. This pdf includes the drills, instructor's guide, stories accompanying each drill, and the achievement certificate!

3. Pre-printed Drill Masters with the SuperSlate: CalcuLadder units 1-6 are available in hard-copy, pre-printed format, accompanied by our SuperSlate, so you can use your drills again and again!

Note: we do have the CalcuLadder 1-3 Instructor's Guides and QuicKeys available in Spanish. We can provide them to our customers for free upon request.

CalcuLadder Math Skill Areas

Click on each highlighted book title below to virtually "flip through" each book and TO SEE images of every single one of the actual drills contained in that unit:

CalcuLadder 1
  • basic addition
  • basic subtraction
CalcuLadder 4
  • intermediate & advanced division
  • place values, rounding, estimating
  • intro to fractions
  • decimals in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
CalcuLadder 2
  • advanced addition and subtraction
  • basic multiplication
  • telling time
CalcuLadder 5
  • basic fractions addition, subtraction, and terminology
  • reducing, cancelling, LCD, etc.
  • advanced addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions and mixed numbers
CalcuLadder 3
  • advanced multiplication
  • basic division
CalcuLadder 6
  • fractions review
  • percents, Roman numerals
  • English and Metric units
  • Converting between units
  • Polygons, geometric concepts, finding areas

Tens of thousands of families from the USA and around the world have used CalcuLadder with great results.

“They are short, easy, and effective.
The kids love them!”—Mrs. Janis L.  MT

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